Do not even think of registering with this site. It is an utter scam. I registered 5 months ago on a premium membership signing up for 6 months, and under the impression they charge monthly basis (very expensive). Instead they charge me for 6 months straight away. For 5 months i have not got a single message or reply from anyone. I made a slight error when registering and tried to contact them, there is no way you can contact them. No email, no telephone number, No address. They do show an address in Germany, I have doubts how accurate that is. This is a totally rip off, and I don't know how they got clearance from ASIC to operate in Australia.
Have a backup plan when meeting someone for the first time. Have your own transport or way home. Tell someone where you are meeting, and share your details, such as a phone number with a friend.  It’s even safer to take a friend with you on the first meeting. If you feel uncomfortable on a first meeting, make up an excuse and leave (‘Sorry I can’t stay long … I have a meeting in the morning’). You don’t have to stay in a situation to be polite.
w I'll explain why this is not a good value IMHO. The girls: Once you've signed and Elitesingles has secured your monetary stash it will probably be the first time you'll find out you only get 20 girls to browse/day (That's right I did say 20!!!!!) In other words if you are shorter than 1.80m (apparently this is the minimum height requirement by the majority of Internet girls!!) photogenically challenged or your Ferrari 488 GTB isn't in one of your photos you probably won't get many likes and all you'll have to go by each day is 20 potential matches. (Talk about slim pickings). Now because you are willing to trade more of your hard earned $ in the expectation you'd get a higher % of quality candidates you're probably curious just how good this promise land inhabited by like minded professional women really is? After all you will be spending 30 minutes of your life answering lots of silly questions and surely Elitesingles magical love algorithm will show you exactly what you're looking for? Well let me fill you in:
Once you're done with the quiz, you'll see big tabs at the top of your Dashboard that include Profile, Messages, and Matches. You can click the microscope icon to search for dates on your own, or you can click the bow-and-arrow icon to play the Have You Met Game, which shows 20 profiles one at a time and invites users to send a message, a smile, or pass. Thanks to these simple tools, it's easy to understand where to go to find compatible folks on EliteSingles.
Profile liars create just that — a profile full of lies. They lie about how old they are, what they look like and even their hobbies and interests. They use disguise to appear attractive, and may do this quite innocently, because they really do think they are like their profile. They may, however, be just really desperate to attract people or they may do it to fool others. Always be wary of people who lie.
In the past 30 years, safe dating tips and coaching has been on the rise due to tragic situations between men and women. Serial rapist convictions and other violent crimes have influenced the technique of practicing safe dating. Popular dating websites are among tools used to manipulate dates into a meeting that have been unsafe for some. Safe dating has been used as an alternative behavior and screening process on the first few dates a couple may have.
The site claims to be able to match you according to your criteria. Firstly, you actually need members to match other members. Secondly, the matching doesn’t even come close. It is inconsistent and seemingly random. They fool you by making it exclusive and hiding photos but don’t be fooled. Customer service is non existent. They take your money and run and don’t actually care about proving the service they are actually selling you. It’s a scam of the heart and the wallet. BE WArNED
Another important part of setting up your full member’s profile is defining your dating preferences. You can set parameters in terms of age, height, distance, desire to have children, education, income, and other important factors. Once it knows your standards, Elite Singles can suggest potential matches that meet your criteria so be honest with the site (and yourself) about what you really want.