If you want to make it known that you are really interested in a person, you can do a SuperSwipe, which can be bought using Bumble coins. SuperSwipe is similar to a regular swipe right, except that the other party will be notified that you paid for a SuperSwipe to get their attention. It means that you must really like them if you will spend money just to get their attention.
"With other dating sites, I got a lot of unwanted attention in the form of indecent proposals and sometimes, even nude pictures! I joined Bumble because I didn't want to deal with any of that. The app allows me to message only the guys I'm interested in. The only downside though, is that the profiles on this app are completely lacking in information, so it's hard to tell which ones are creeps and which ones are decent guys based on their looks alone. If they just added more information on a user's profile page, I would totally love this app." - Allie, Librarian's Assistant, 22

The signup process is very easy, especially if you already have a Facebook account. You don't even need to provide any information, because Bumble takes all of your Facebook info and imports it into the app. Before you can't sign up if you don't have a Facebook account and predictably, a lot of potential users complained about this. Bumble has since then changed their rules and now you can sign up using your phone number.